Paternity Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Is Colorado DNA Service Inc. certified to collect DNA samples?

The National Association for DNA Collection and Management (NADCM) has designed specific training and certification programs tailored to the various aspects of DNA collection and management. Colorado DNA Service Inc. is certified by the NADCM and we have completed an online training program in addition to the certification exam.

What is the AABB?

The American Association of Blood Banks strives to improve the quality and safety of collecting, processing, testing, distributing and administering blood and blood products. The Accreditation Program assesses the quality and operational systems in place within the facility. The basis for assessment includes compliance with Standards, Code of Federal Regulations and federal guidance document.

What is the NFSTC?

The National Forensic Science Technology Center is a not-for-profit corporation funded by a Cooperative Agreement with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and provides programs that build individual competency and quality systems for the forensic science community in the United States.

Why should I use Colorado DNA Service Inc.?

By using Colorado DNA Service, Inc. you will be getting the most accurate test with fast results -an average of 3 business days! Other companies can take up to 2 weeks or longer to get the results, plus they charge more for the same test.

Are the DNA paternity tests accurate?

Yes. If the DNA of the alleged father and the child matches, the probability that he is the biological father is typically over 99.99%. If there are mismatches between the DNA of the alleged father and the child, then he is 100% excluded. All tests are performed by an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) laboratory.

Can paternity be established without testing the mother?

Yes, although additional genetic systems may be tested in order to reach conclusive results. Due to the increased level of testing, motherless cases are charged at the trio rate (i.e. as if the mother was tested).

Is blood required for testing?

No. Cells are collected from the inside lining of the cheek using an oral (buccal), swab. This is a more convenient procedure than drawing blood. Because the DNA content of most tissue in the body is the same, the results would be identical from blood or cheek cells. The most common method used today for paternity is the buccal swab.

Can the results be used in a court of law?

Yes. The report from a legal test can be used as legal evidence to paternity or non-paternity.