Specialized DNA Testing Services

Colorado DNA offers a variety of other Specialized DNA Testing services. Our experts have been handling specialized cases for clients since 1997.

Laboratory Specimen Verification

In cases involving alleged medical misdiagnosis due to sample switching, we can compare the lab's sample to the patients sample to determine if a switch occurred.

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Child Safety

Missing persons divisions in law enforcement recommend DNA typing all children in case they become lost or are abducted. The DNA reference sample can then be used by our staff to compare against evidence samples.

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Erroneous Drug Testing Results

Individuals are routinely tested for the presence of controlled substances. If a tested party disputes a positive result, they may compare the DNA from the disputed drug test sample to their own to establish that there was a sample mix-up.

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Corporate Investigations and Product Tampering

Companies must sometimes investigate claims that biological material has been found in their products. We can determine the source of such material if DNA is found in a product.

Medical and Diagnostic DNA Testing

For other medical and diagnostic DNA testing services, please contact our preferred medical DNA laboratory. University of Colorado DNA diagnostic laboratory offers over 125 DNA and biochemical genetic tests.

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