Forensic DNA Testing Services

DNA evidence is becoming more prevalent in criminal proceedings. Social demand for scientific evidence is changing legislation, creating an enormous amount of back logged cases.

Suspects and convicted criminals want testing by an unbiased lab to prove their innocence. Law enforcement sometimes need cases handled quickly, which is often impossible for overburdened government crime labs.

Colorado DNA Service Inc. offers relief to clients who need DNA proof quickly. Our reference lab is accredited by the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) and Forensic Quality Services - International (FQS-I).

DNA Testing of Evidentiary Material

DNA can powerfully incriminate or exonerate an individual accused of a crime.

Evidence Screening

Our forensic analysts can screen evidence found at a crime scene for the presence of testable DNA. If testing is possible, we can perform it.

Defense Examination of Prosecution DNA Evidence

Due to the sophisticated nature of DNA testing and the intricate science of interpretation, all individuals accused of a crime involving DNA evidence should have a defense expert review all relevant materials. Our experts have decades of experience examining DNA evidence and can assist you in preparation.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our experts are available to consult with you and testify in court for criminal cases involving DNA evidence.

Contact a Forensic DNA Specialist

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