DNA Banking

DNA Banking is similar to financial banking. A person can securely deposit and store genetic material in one or more trusted institutions. This DNA information can later be "withdrawn" for DNA testing. DNA can be banked anytime during a person's life, but it is most convenient to bank DNA at birth.

DNA banking is particularly urgent for the elderly and the terminally ill. Once a person is buried or cremated, it is difficult or impossible to obtain a DNA sample.

Reasons For DNA Banking

  • To supply a current source of data for clinical DNA testing:
    Having DNA withdrawn from banked DNA is far less expensive than extracting DNA from new material. Colorado DNA Service Inc. offers the most current methods and up to date procedures for clinical DNA testing.
  • To provide valuable information for forensic testing and for occurrences of mental illness, child kidnapping, or the swapping of infants:
    DNA that is already banked strongly improves the odds for correct identification. The U.S. military currently banks every service member's DNA.
  • To leave behind a legacy for family members and other descendants:
    DNA banking greatly benefits family members and other descendants because it provides a record of valuable inheritance and ancestry. Any person that is preparing a will or saving for retirement should give serious thought to DNA banking.
  • To have readily available genetic material for future DNA methods that are still up and coming:
    DNA procedures and technologies are continually advancing. DNA that is currently banked can later provide genetic material for future DNA advancements even after a person's death.

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