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Welcome to Colorado DNA Service, Inc.

Colorado DNA Service, Inc. offers you the most accurate DNA testing possible. While we specialize in Paternity Testing and Immigration DNA Testing, we offer a variety of other DNA testing services. Our experts have more than 29 years of experience working with agencies such as social services, county courts and laboratories nationwide. Colorado DNA Service Inc. provides the most accurate, highest quality DNA testing available at a competitive price.

How Do We Stand Apart?

  • Highest Quality, Most Accurate Results Available
  • Providing Analysis of DNA Samples Since 1997
  • thousands of DNA Samples Collected
  • Fast and Convenient Services
  • Trusted by Numerous Colorado and Other State Government Agencies
  • NADCM Certified Staff
  • AABB Certified Results
  • DNA Testing Services Available Worldwide
  • Free Initial Consultation!

Our Mission

To treat everyone with respect that comes through our doors. To help our clients get the answers they are looking for by offering the most powerful, accurate DNA Testing, Paternity Testing and Immigration testing available.